Emergency Visits

If you have a root canal related dental emergency (pain waking you up at night, constant throbbing that is not being controlled by pain medication or pain that is interfering with your daily functions) every attempt will be made to see you on the same day. Please be aware that if we see you the same day you will be scheduled between existing patients and you may have to wait until the previous patient is dismissed. We highly appreciate your understanding and patience in this matter.

Emergency appointment time is limited and it will be used to get you out of pain. The typical root canal procedure could last anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour and a half depending on the complexity of the case. During your emergency visit we will focus only on getting you out of pain by performing a partial root canal or surgical procedure. A follow up appointment is required to complete the treatment in most cases. Your treatment can be completed on your emergency visit only if time allows.

It will help serve you better and save time if the nature of your emergency (for example the exact tooth that requires root canal therapy) is communicated to us prior to your arrival. Please ask your referring general dentist to provide detailed information on the nature of your emergency.

If you have chronic mild discomfort, if your discomfort is sporadic and difficult to localize or if you are not sure your discomfort is related to a root canal problem, we strongly encourage you to schedule a regular consultation visit instead of an emergency visit. During your consultation visit, we will be able to spend more time with you to better evaluate your condition and reach a more accurate diagnosis.

Please call us at (630) 305-0312 if you have any questions.