Sedation And Anxiety Control

At Naperfield Endodontics you will be treated in a friendly, caring and professional environment. We do everything we can to reduce your anxiety about the treatment and provide a pain free procedure. Most Endodontic procedures are completed without any significant discomfort. However, if you are nervous or have any anxiety about your endodontic treatment we will be very happy to help you overcome any fear or mis-information about your treatment. We also offer the following sedation options for patients considering having their Endodontic procedures done under some form of sedation:

Nitrous Oxide Sedation: Also known as laughing gas. It is given to the patient through an inhalation mask that fits on the nose. It will feel just like breathing normal air and it provides a limited conscious sedation that will help relax some patients during their endodontic treatment. It is considered very safe and it has few and rare side effects. We follow the most strict safety guidelines. All Nitrous Oxide procedures will be administered and monitored by certified anesthesiologist.

Oral Sedation: This is given in the form of pills usually taken the night before and a couple of hours prior to your appointment. Again this offers limited sedation effect and it is also considered safe with rare side effects. Oral sedation requires that you arrange for a ride to and from our office since driving is not recommended following oral sedation. Some patients with certain medical conditions or those on certain medications may not qualify for this sedation method due to potential drug interaction.

I. V. Sedation: This is a very effective sedation method for patients with severe anxiety or true dental phobia. The sedative drug is administered intravenously by an anesthesiologist. This method produces excellent sedation, including an altered state of consciousness (you will still be breathing on your own, unlike general anesthesia). Most patients have no memory of the procedure and they recover fully within a very short time period. This method also requires that the patient arrange for transportation to and from the office. We also recommend that they take the rest of the day off from work.

General Anesthesia: This is very rarely indicated and it is usually reserved for patients with significantly complicated medical conditions or for patients who can’t be seen as out-patients in a dental office setting. This procedure is completed in a hospital setting that is equipped to provide dental treatment for patients under general anesthesia.

I. V. Sedation, Nitrous oxide sedation  and General Anesthesia are procedures provided by an Anesthesiologist. We work with Dr. Zak Messieha (Dentist Anesthesiologist) to provide these services to our patients. Dr. Messieha has extensive experience in providing extremely safe sedation to dental patients. If you are interested in having your Endodontic procedure completed under I. V. Sedation Please contact Dr. Messieha at (630) 620 9199 or visit his web site at ( A consultation with him will be required first prior to scheduling your Endodontic procedure.

Please be advised that for us to assist you in your sedation choice an initial consultation appointment will be required prior to your treatment appointment.